About Me

I am the Seasoned Coach because I have come through many life experiences which have created my desire to help others make a difference in their lives, to get more balance and realise that less is actually more.

Witnessing the high levels of stress with colleagues throughout my years working in industry and knowing what it feels like, I felt that there had to be an easier way to live a better life.  I am genuinely interested in what makes people tick and my coaching sessions work because of my knowledge and skill in providing specialist support tailored to each individual.

Two decades of experience working in  Operations Management, Recruitment, Training  and Organisational Development in the hospitality industry led to  a new role as a college lecturer.  It was my way of giving back and for sixteen years I provided support for numerous students, many who were balancing a career, family life and study.  I take great pride in seeing how they have progressed and feel my own sense of achievement when they excel in their chosen careers. It seemed a natural progression to move into a  coaching role to provide more individual support to those wanting to make a change in their life.

My style is open and honest, relaxed yet focused, caring and non-judgemental. I encourage and support you, providing a safe place where you can be totally honest about your thoughts and feelings. I am here to help you find ways to resolve problems and get clear on your future plans. My coaching comes from a background of ethical principles and integrity, growth, creativity and balance, with this in mind my clients feel supported in all they do. 

I felt you cared and wanted to help me. You encouraged me to think about my future and help me realise that it’s up to me to achieve my goals. I’m delighted I took this opportunity with you as it has benefitted me more than I thought it would. HA