Shirley Walker 
The Seasoned Coach

Welcome to Life Coaching

I specialize in one to one coaching to help you find ways to improve your life, I support you through that process helping you explore what works for you to make lasting changes.

What I have learnt is that there is no quick fix in life but through small changes you can make a big difference in how you live every day to achieve a happier and more contented life. 

I help you find a way to take control of your life, knowing that you always have a choice about what you do even when many things are outside your control, because it is more about how you respond to those situations.

Through coaching we explore what is going on in your life and what is important to you, it's very much about achieving a balance and finding better ways to look after yourself.  

As we get older we tend to forget to do the things we enjoy, through coaching you can rediscover what brings you joy and find ways to bring those activities back into your life even if only in small ways. 

Happier people are more motivated and productive which ultimately makes for a better life.

'Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try' JFK


I would highly recommend Shirley for life coaching. Shirley is so helpful and knowledgeable in what she does.                                                                                                 FD

Shirley is a natural coach and super supportive, I'm delighted to have her in my tribe.                                                                                                    Vicky Blades, Video Coach
One to one sessions with Shirley really helped put things into perspective. She has a great way of letting you see the bigger picture. I really believe she will help people. Keep it up and thank you Shirley.                                                DP

I was hoping to gain more focus in my work-life balance and gain a better sense of direction. The sessions have really helped me to do this and to also consider other areas of my personal life that I can give better attention to.                                                                             AT