About Us

The Seasoned Coach was created as a result of my desire to make a difference in the hospitality imdustry.

Witnessing the high levels of stress with people in the imdustry, I felt I had something to offer that would make their lives easier.  With a focus on support that encourages happiness in your chosen career, my coaching sessions are considered to be some of the best specialist support in the hospitality imdustry

Two decades of experience working in Hospitality Management in a variety of disciplines including Operations Management, Recruitment, Training,  and Organisational Development led to  starting my role as a lecturer in 2003.  I have provided support for over 1600 students and  I take great pride in seeing them progress and feel my own sense of achievement when they excel in their chosen careers. 

My coaching comes from a background of ethical principles and integrity, growth, creativity and balance, with this in mind my clients feel supported in all they do.

Our mission is to improve the life of everyone who works in the Hospitality Industry through coaching. 

The vision is to be the go-to business for coaching in the Hospitality Industry.


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